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released December 22, 2011

Copyright 2011 Code22. All songs written and recorded by Code22. Produced by Chris McKinnis. Artwork by Wes Powell.



all rights reserved


Code22 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

We are some nerd rockers! Not afraid to be ourselves. No B.S. Just having a good time playing good music with good friends. Enjoy!

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Track Name: It's True
I would like to take a moment get this song inside your head sing along and let the words come out and flow right through you. Feelings felt for way to long what better way than a brand new song to get the message out so sing and let your lips do the rest It's true i'm in love with you and whatcha gonna do about it? I'm blue when i'm not with you so watcha
gonna do about it? Nothing new that ain't been said a thousand times before in every song around the world but sometimes it just bears repeating wear you heart upon your sleeve open eyes now you see that the truth will set you free.
Track Name: Best is Yet to Come
Times are tough so toughen up we wont give in we wont give up put down the pistol we'll talk this thing out cuz theres no such thing as an easy way out so
before you go in over your head living on the edge, before you go I would take a chance, i would say the best is yet to come. The bills are late again the cars broke down and your all out of friends, you finally see what your dad always said nothing worth having is easy. Lifes hard did no one tell you the truths misleading and i would say you probably didnt want to know suck it up so much to live for think about your children all alone growing up without you.
Track Name: Foxhole Boy
Pull out your cards and broken hearts theres no time to sit here and pity and wonder what went wrong while I hear shots in the city I'm counting the ways they disobey can't believe all the things that I heard them say about poverty and war i'm sure we'll be at war everyday so dig another foxhole boy don't stop it dig it down till you got it done. I don't care what the news would say the truth would make you want to blow a gasket close your eyes and realize these kids are coming home in flag covered caskets tell me what for is anybody even keeping score bullets flying by your face I wonder if we'll ever leave this place your on your fourth deployment son I thought George said the war was won?
Track Name: Nerdgasm
Some might say I don't shave or even cut my hair some might say that i'm lame but I don't really care. I've got everything that I need it's just me and my PS3. I put on 40 pounds i'm loosing all my hair some might say get a life but the one I have seems fair I get to fight the girls of my dreams and her name is chun li. You may not even know me and i'm okay with that sometimes I don't even know myself cuz I got really fat. I get to fight the girl of my dreams and her name is Chun Li...
Track Name: Think of Me
I feel special when i look in your eyes and I love you but thats no surprise we'll be together forever through sunshine and stormy weather. Anytime you hear this song anytime you sing along every time you hear this think of me every time you come my way each and every single day I get goosebumps down both of my arms singing to my girl never did no harm every time you come my way each and every single day I get turned on all my lights come on everybody's singing another little love song. You feel special when i'm holding you tight and you love me that you can't deny.
Track Name: Hmm
When I talk do you listen or does your selective hearing just always filter me out and do you like the way i'm kissin or does it turn you off every time I open my mouth? The mental psyche of a woman, the best word to describe it is contradicting, I try to give you all my lovin and then you show me the madness is neverending so I can't seem to figure you out but I need to cuz I see you actin kinda crazy but lately you never talk or tell me whats on your mind I can't seem to understand you I want to tell me what to do so I can do it better next time. I don't know what i'd possibly say, one minute your hot and the next your cold, you fall asleep in your negligee wish I could get a look inside your soul.
Track Name: Sorry
I always seem to say the right things at the wrong time pickin up girls from clubs and bars that wanna control my mind saying they love me call me honey saying they love me to get money well i've got news for you i'm broke as hell and so are you but now your pissed cuz im the one you took me on to spend your whole night with I don't know what led you on
but I guess you had beer goggles on so I apologize again for wasting your time again, those hateful words comin straight from your mouth all of the fighting we did wore me out and i'm hopin that your listening while I try to sing and say i'm sorry. Two weeks later I still have her waking up in my bed here come the emotions now she looks at me with a tear in her eye and she said is that all you think about is ass get a real job is all she asks well i'm having fun I guess i'm a bum so do what you gotta do.
Track Name: Turn Around
I see her walkin through the hallway everyday I just don't know what to say her blonde hair and blue eyes ya they make me cry oh that girl is so fine I see her coming and I won't look around turn around I freezy freeze and i'm almost fallin down I see her coming and I won't look around turn around I see her coming so come on Turn around...Palms sweating in the back of the room what am I going to do not sure but we're gonna do this we'll play a song and we're playing for tips.
Track Name: Chicks Dig It
Chicks dig it when you look in their eyes instead of staring at their chest busy telling lies chicks dig it when you apologize for all the stupid sh*t you've done you didn't realize chicks dig it when you listen to what they say instead of turning up the tv and turning away fall in love with everything they've done make em laugh don't hold back because chicks dig it. The girlies like when you bring em flowers, most of em like if you can last for hours, don't have to tell you that they're happy to be the only woman that you wanna see. Chicks dig it man take it slow take your time dude you never know some chicks dig it slow some chicks dig it fast and us guys dig it when they got a nice ass. Chicks dig it when you play in band most of em want a pretty ring on their hand whats it gonna take to get through to you pull out your head and get with it cuz chicks dig it.
Track Name: Enemy
I don't know what I did to you I don't know what you did to me I don't know anybody and I don't even know me ya you don't like me that's not hard to see you don't understand me your my enemy and now I know that things are gonna be different I look at you and see a different face I don't care and I don't even want to want you to be my friend Enemy I don't know what it is to you I don't know what it is to me I don't know anybody and I don't even know me I try to find the words but they don't come anymore I try to understand you but whats the use you don't talk to me anymore - Enemy.
Track Name: Too Late
Well hear we go again trying to make it work again you say he's just a friend you say your over him wish I could make this all just disappear wish I could fix it all with just a beer. I think i'm gonna pick up my sh*t and just run away but now your down on your knees beggin me to stay It's too late I can't skate on the surface of your frozen heart anymore it's too late I can't wait anymore for you to get over him. I see you start to cry you say your gonna die well baby dry your eyes cuz it's all in your mind you say your caught up in thinkin about him more and more you say just think about it but my brain is getting sore you say your gonna change but for us it's much too late.
Track Name: Ready to Go
And i said your fine read between the lines i'm a crazy guy this just might work I feel alright and that's a line worth keepin your side steppin not sweepin your get a blast on the stereo you hear the right song then you'll know now your ready to go and she says i'm fine read between the lines she's a sexy lady maybe she will be mine? Oh bring me down, who'd a thought we'd come this far now oh whats your name she said it doesn't really matter so I guess it doesn't matter.
Track Name: Whadayasay
I can see that your kinda hard to read your being really quite not saying a thing I heard you got burned in the third degree so by the end of the bottle you'll be talkin to me so if it's getting hot in here take it off i'd feel a little better if you'd strip it off baby i'm sorry don't mean to be blunt but thats how I do it when I know what I want I do want to be with you do you wanna be with me too I never had such a hard time droppin a good line trying to get mine I just wanna have a good time drop a good line and maybe get mine now that i've got your full attention this boat is headin in the right direction I hope your body comes with a set of instructions cuz I can't decide on a favorite section.
Track Name: For Lindsey
she looks so pretty she'd never hurt me and all the things she said weren't meant for me. Its too bad it's too sad i'll never see her again. I saw her last Tuesday she said she was leaving and i'll never see her again. Shes in my head and i've fallin again i swear, there's a hole in my heart that'll pull me apart i know.